Getuthere Terms and Conditions 

Terms of Carriage 
Any Airport transfer booking undertaken by ASAP/ is subject to the following terms of carriage and the customer shall be deemed to have accepted our terms of carriage once a booking has been made by customer and has been accepted by ASAP/ (online / offline). 
Your Details 
It is very important that all the detail that you have given us is accurate. We therefore advise all our customer's to please check & ensure that they have given us right date & time of arrival + right flight number and that the credit card information submitted to us is correct and valid as we cannot be held responsible for any reservation(s) cancelled/ rejected / not guaranteed due to invalid/incorrect/declined credit card/travel details. 
Airport Pick-up Procedure 
Unless otherwise advised, the meeting point with the driver is always the AIRPORT INFORMATION DESK in the Arrivals Hall at all terminals and airports. 
Incoming flights are monitored 24 hours using airport, television or Internet information services. 
Customer’s arriving with long haul flights should not expect their driver to meet them inside the terminal building earlier then 45 minutes from the actual time of flight landing. We allow 45 minutes time for the immigration, customs and for luggage claim. However, during these 45 minutes your driver remains on standby outside the terminal building. 
Customer’s traveling with hand luggage only must inform us via email or by phone in advance, since they are likely to come out earlier. We will arrange for a driver to be inside the terminal building within 20 minutes. 
On the day of your arrival, we will try and adjust schedules to the actual landing time (as the flight may be delayed or arriving earlier) so that these times are maintained but this cannot be guaranteed, particularly if a flight lands early. 
What to do when you arrive 
Your driver will meet you inside the arrivals hall (once you have been cleared through the Customs & Immigrations and have claimed your luggage). 
The driver will be carrying your name-board and shall meet you by the Airport Information Desk. However, if you happen to come out early and cannot locate your driver, please be patient and do not leave the airport / terminal building. 
If you experience any difficulty in locating your driver, you are requested to contact us on our main office number 01626 833 912 for assistance before making alternative arrangements. Customer's leaving the airport without making any contact with our Control Centre shall not be deemed eligible to claim a refund. 
Customer(s) arriving with long haul flights, especially at Heathrow Airport terminal 3 and 4 and Gatwick South are likely to face long line up and delays while getting cleared through the immigrations and customs. 
Upon your arrival, if you happen to face such delay, please contact our Control Centre by calling on 01626 833 912. 
Waiting Time (Airport Transfers) 
The standard waiting/parking time covered in our quotation & Transfer Cost is up to a maximum of 90 minutes from the actual landing time of your flight, as would be confirmed by BAA Flight Information Service or other service as may be used by ASAP/ 
In cases where a customer fails to show up after the 90 minutes of flight landing and we have not received any communication or instructions from the customer, the driver shall at his discretion, after checking with the office leave from the terminal. Remember, we have no way of knowing whether you are on a flight - airlines will not tell us (Data Protection Act). The respective booking will then be considered as a NO SHOW (that means NO REFUND will be made). A courtesy phone call could therefore save you a lot of money! 
However, if we do receive your communication within 90 minutes, we will extend the waiting time and the driver shall remain inside the terminal until a contact has been made. However, in such case additional waiting and parking charges will have to be borne by the customer and shall be debited from the customer’s credit card or paid in cash to cover the extra costs involved. Therefore, all customer's are sincerely advised to call us 01626 833 912 and notify about any delays they may have to face upon their arrival at the airport. 
For hotel and other pick-ups, a 20 minutes grace period is given as an allowance from the actual pick-up time and is absolutely free. This is done in good faith bearing in mind that a customer may face some delays during their checking-out from the hotel or for any other reason. However, a waiting time thereafter will be charged @ £5.00 per 15 minutes once the grace period has elapsed. 
In the event of any complaint/claim against the company, ASAP/ will require the complaints/ claim in writing from the customer no later than 5 (five) working days from the alleged incident. 
Transfer Costs 
Your transfer costs includes all taxes. This also includes 1 hour & 30 minutes parking fee at the airports/train stations + up to 90 minutes waiting time. Additional parking fee and waiting time shall be added to your transfer cost (where applicable). Please feel free to contact us directly to verify any additional charges that might occur. Our aim is to provide good quality service to our customer's keeping the costs to their minimum level. However, in some cases the costs may increase due to additional parking fee, additional waiting time, extra drop offs, extra pick-ups and extra luggage. 
Please remember that Credit and Debit card payments can be accepted through PayPal, however are subject to a surcherge of 4% if you wish to avoid this you can by prior arrangement pay cash to the driver on pickp-up, this must be cleared with the company beforehand. 
Transfer costs may be subject to change without prior notice, however once your journey has been booked and a firm quote has been given there will be no change in the basic cost. 
Additional stops en-route will be made at no additional cost. Any deviation from the normal route will be charged at £3.00 per mile. 
Cash Payments 
If you intend to pay by cash for your transfer, you must contact and notify our Booking Management immediately either by phone or via email: 
Generally, drivers are not expected to obtain cash from the customer's on a/c of transfer costs, except the tips. However, we strongly recommend all customers to obtain a RECEIPT duly signed by the driver's for the payment you have made in cash. We reserve full right to ask you to produce a duly signed RECEIPT in exchange of any REFUNDS claimed. Please remember, we are unable to make any REFUNDS if a customer fails to produce a RECEIPT. 
Amended Flights 
Please advise amended flights immediately on our 24 hour emergency phone line: 07736 874 940. There is no charge for changing flight details if the change is in advance of our vehicle leaving to attend the respective flight number given. If however, we are informed after the vehicle has left there will be a full charge for the original transfer booked. Another vehicle will only be supplied to attend another flight on pre-payment of another fare in full. 
Diverted Flights 
We do not divert vehicles to substitute airports unless possible within the constraints of our schedule. Diversions are very rare and it is standard practice for airlines to arrange for passengers of diverted flights to be transported/transferred back to their original destination airport. Please call 0044 1626 833 912 and tell us your estimated time of arrival as soon as you know, and before you set off for the original destination airport. A vehicle will not be allocated to meet you until we hear from you. Passengers choosing not to return to the original airport will be regarded as having cancelled their transfer within 24 hours and will be responsible for their alternative transfer arrangements and costs. 
Cancellation Charges 
Within 24 hours of pick up or landing time will incur 100% charge. Cancellations with more than 24 hours notice are without charge. 
Every vehicle has a physical limit to the amount of luggage it can carry. We allocate vehicles on the assumption that each passenger is traveling with 1 average size suitcase and 1 piece of hand luggage (aircraft cabin size). If you have over-size luggage or any EXTRA luggage, kindly inform us immediately. Customer’s traveling with extra luggage may have to pay additional charges, which may be debited from their credit card. 
ASAP/ accepts NO responsibility for any loss or damage to the luggage or any other item (howsoever such loss or damage may be caused). 
Traveling time to the destinations situated in and around London can vary and depend on the traffic situation. The company cannot accept any responsibility for delays howsoever caused. 
Onboard Restrictions 
All customer's are requested, not to consume any food/drink items on board the vehicles with out speaking to the driver first. Spilling or dropping of any food item inside the vehicle can cause a vehicle to be sent for cleaning. Cleaning charges may be added on to your transfer costs and may be debited from your credit card. 
No smoking to be observed during the whole journey. 
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