Frequently Asked Questions Below are some of the FAQ's, but if there is anything else you would like to know from us, please do let us know.  

How much notice do you need? 
We can often respond at very short notice but to enable us to provide the best service and to reserve the most appropriate vehicle for your journey please contact us as soon as your plans are firm. 
Do you supply baby seats? 
We can do, but we much prefer you to use your own as it will help settle your child at a time of possible upset, if they have familiar surroundings. We will store any seats provided and bring them with us when we pick you up. 
Do we have to share a vehicle with other customers? 
No! We firmly believe that you deserve the very best and we would never intend that you should have anything but exclusive use of both vehicle and driver. In our experience schedules for customers never coincide and therefore both parties would be forced to compromise on their intended departure times. 
How do we know we will get there on time? 
Once we have the information about your journey, we calculate the time necessary to get you there and then we add in time for comfort breaks and a safety margin for unknown circumstances. After 27 years of experience we know the pitfalls and have put in place technology to give us the very best chance of not being caught out. All our vehicles have satellite navigation and traffic avoidance systems. Also immediately prior to your journey we check with the Highways Agency through the internet for any delay headlines that will affect your journey. In 27 + years we have never had a passenger miss a flight! 
What happens if my return flight is delayed? 
We check all return flight arrival times, to ensure that our driver is ready and waiting for your return with a smile. This is managed through extensive information gathering from all available sources, we do not just rely on the arrival airport’s website. This is because from experience this is very definitely not fool proof. Whilst we do not need any action from passengers under normal circumstances, and we would not use available contact numbers unless absolutely necessary. It can in very confused situations, of prolonged delays be useful to receive contact from passengers from abroad. Belt and braces is our motto. 
What happens if we give you the wrong details for our return, or you record them incorrectly? 
We have procedures in place to ensure this never happens. Firstly, as part of our booking procedure we send you confirmation of the details of your booking, and ask you to confirm that they are correct. Secondly on arrival at the airport your driver will request sight of your return flight tickets if there is any possibility of the most common failure of this type in the industry. This is that when a flight is to take place overnight, i.e. “you leave perhaps at 22.00hrs on the 17th of August from Sandford International and return into Gatwick South Terminal at 06.45 on the 18th of August, it is so easy to ask us to pick you up from flight number MYT044 on the 17th of August at 06.45” You see the problem. We solve this, some others do not! 
How will I find your driver at the airport? 
He or she will stand clearly in view near the Airport Enquiries/Help Desk close to where you exit from baggage reclaim, with a Name Board. Should you have any difficulty finding them please ring our office: 01626 833912
If I need any special help or assistance will I get it? 
Some of our customers need extra help, and whilst we do not provide any disability adaptations to our vehicles, we do provide all other necessary help and assistance. Perhaps you may just be nervous and would like the driver to help you check in at the airport, tell us your requirements at the booking stage and we will be happy to let you know what we can do to help and reassure you that your experience will be a trouble free and happy one. If your needs are more substantial please don’t hesitate to ask, we will always try to accommodate your needs. 
What if I can’t face returning home only to have to go back out and get the perishables that need replacing after my trip? 
No problem! Ask the driver he will happily, at no extra cost find somewhere you can buy what you need on your return journey. 
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